3rd Grade - 12th Grade
Distrito: Anthem Preparatory Academy
5 estrellas
Teléfono: 623-465-4776
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Tipo: Public
Atmósfera educativa: Average
Medida tecnología: Not Reported
Principal: Ms Alison Westerlind
Alumnos por grado/año: 41.4
Número de alumnos: 414
Número de maestros/profesores: 0
Gasto de enseñanza por alumno: 5490
Grado de pobreza: 16 - 29.9 PERCENT

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Topic: Overall Experience
Mayo 2018
"AP did not meet our expectations. Curriculum lacks distinction it purports to have and antiquated in areas. Technology eschewed, the mere mention of pop culture references admonished by most teachers. It's a hub for children who may've been bullied elsewhere or are more introverted preferring a small, insular atmosphere; a good option for those students and also for those highly motivated to spend excessive time on homework. Discipline's mostly punitive and shaming rather than an opportunity to teach conflict resolution, empathy, and healthy self-regulation. Children of staff and faculty noticeably receive far more leniency and favor. Some great teachers we appreciate but many lack experience or an ability to engage children. Hiring pool consists mostly of new graduates of liberal arts colleges who are subservient to the Great Hearts administrators and disabled to utilize creativity, passion, and compassion in teaching. Impression: Not that Great-Hearted, no."
Topic: Overall Experience
Mayo 2018
"We have 4 students attend or graduate from Anthem Prep. They have excelled in college with great scholarships and love the school."
Topic: Overall Experience
Abril 2018
"It's been phenomenal. Been here for 6 years, and I have loved every minute of it. I'm gonna be graduating here and I cannot complain about the school. It has a great education and has let me discover truth for its own sake."
Topic: Overall Experience
Abril 2018
"I have gone to Anthem Prep since I was in seventh grade. My experience has been amazing! I have the biggest support system ranging from my peers all the way to teachers that I have never even had in class. Everyone at Anthem Prep desires to see you succeed and that makes it such a great learning environment. The small class sizes make it so that you know everyone you go to school with and that helps one to get very involved in the school. Overall I loved my high school experience and I wouldn't change it even if I had the chance."
Topic: Overall Experience
Marzo 2018
"This school is overrated, the teachers are all fake. When a person comes in to shadow everyone has to act their best behavior, or when a person comes in its the same. The school makes up rules that aren't in the handbook, it is not interested in helping kids succeed. You'll only be able to survive at this school with 1. Good friends 2. A filling breakfast/lunch 3. Speed walking to try to get to your classes. This school has popularity statuses, putting your child here won't stop them from knowing/doing drugs or weed, because even middle schoolers do it here. Join this school knowing this stuff because if not you'll never make it through the years."
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