9th Grade - 12th Grade
Distrito: Arts Academy In The Woods
2 estrellas
FRASER, MI 48026
Teléfono: 586-294-0391
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Tipo: Public
Atmósfera educativa: Below Average
Medida tecnología: Low
Principal: Mr Michael Mitchell
Alumnos por maestro/profesor: 14:1
Alumnos por grado/año: 89.5
Número de alumnos: 358
Número de maestros/profesores: 20
Gasto de enseñanza por alumno: 3535
Grado de pobreza: 6 - 15.9 PERCENT

Características de la escuela

  • ESL

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Topic: Overall Experience
Julio 2018
"To walk into my school is like intricately walking upon the water lilies in Monet s work, writing with the mind of Maya Angelou, singing with the voice of Edith Piaf, blowing into horns with the soul of Coltrane, and having teachers unionized within a loving support system ressemblent to concrete brick, and chrysanthemums. To speak of my school, is to shout with voices spewing activism, and protest. To be in my school, is to live in the definitions of equality, art, unity and love."
Topic: Overall Experience
Abril 2018
"This is my third high school and it has been amazing compared to my past high school experiences. The entire school, the staff and students and teachers are so so accepting of others. It is a safe haven for many students, especially for kids who are outcasts . There are no outcasts here, everyone is accepted for who they are. This school gave me somewhere to belong. This school also gives you the opportunity to explore the arts. Not many schools are focused on arts and this school is so dedicated to helping us learn different arts while also teaching regular academic classes. They help us strive in our chosen art classes. The school gives us a space to be creative and to be ourselves without judgment. The teachers are also exceptional. They are all so kind and they just want to help you learn however they can."
Topic: Overall Experience
Enero 2018
"Arts Academy in the Woods is a very culturally diverse, open minded place to learn. Most of the students are accepting individuals that have a passion for the Arts and want it Incorporated into their daily schedule. I had great teachers overall that were vested in my well being. I was able to travel to Europe with a group of students and teachers my senior year and it was an unforgettable experience! Arts is a great place to learn."
Topic: Overall Experience
Noviembre 2017
"As an artist, I wanted to continue pursuing my passion in an environment that I felt that I could fit in. With my Aspergers Syndrome, I was always separated from the others. My middle school was getting rid of the art program along with the high school and I wanted to be somewhere where art was a priority. When I first stepped into the halls of Arts Academy in the Woods, I knew this was my dream school. Every student got to do art for 2 hours a day and the arts varied from the performing arts to the visual arts. With everyone having common interests, it's practically impossible to not find friends. Everyone is so accepting of anyone that walks into the building. Judgement and bullying are never seen or heard because we are an art community and we stand for our fellow artists, no matter what."
Topic: Overall Experience
Agosto 2017
"My experience was great for my freshman, sophomore and 1st semester of junior year. I had a lot of fun. The students there were very unique and we didn't have a dress code. The new principal was a very fun guy to be around."
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