7th Grade - 12th Grade
Distrito: Calhoun County Schools
1 estrellas
Teléfono: 256-741-7600
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Tipo: Public
Atmósfera educativa: Unclassified
Medida tecnología: Medium
Principal: Mr Christopher Hayes
Alumnos por maestro/profesor: 15:1
Alumnos por grado/año: 98.2
Número de alumnos: 589
Número de maestros/profesores: 50
Gasto de enseñanza por alumno: 5005
Grado de pobreza: 16 - 29.9 PERCENT

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Topic: Overall Experience
Junio 2018
"Wellborn High School is a school that is supported by the whole community around it. It's not just the parents and teachers that care. People that just live around Wellborn volunteer time and money to help out the school. The community here just cares that much."
Topic: Overall Experience
Agosto 2017
"I have attended Wellborn School K-12 and it is really like my second home. I have faced some adversity and health issues; the faculty has been amazing while helping me academically, and emotionally. I watched my school grow, update, and become more beautiful every year. Wellborn school offered all subject matter required and desired, and I will miss my alma mater tremendously."
Topic: Overall Experience
Agosto 2017
"This is the school I grew up. I have always felt safe here and as a senior of 2017, I am going to miss it"
Topic: Overall Experience
Febrero 2017
"I've attended Wellborn since kindergarten. I have learned and grown with a small group of roughly 100 students. Wellborn is a wonderful school that isn't overcrowded, so everyone knows everyone. I love how most teachers want to see their students succeed and will do anything in their hand to make that happen. I love how our school together has a huge heart. When something bad happens we come together as a family and are there for each other. I'd like to see the respect in the coming up students change. I want the school to put more money towards things we really need...such as bathroom stalls, new lockers, and other athletics other than football and cheerleading. I believe out school needs more credit than it gets. Sure, its a small school but we have potential and we can achieve the impossible when given the chance."
Topic: Overall Experience
Diciembre 2015
"I absolutely love Wellborn High School. The principal works with the students so they get the most out of their high school experience. The rules can be a little ridiculous sometimes, but I guess it's like that at most every school. The students sometimes take advantage of a principal that is so hard-working and willing to help you for granted. Both thr Principal, Mr. Hayes, and the Vice-principal, Mrs. Bean, are the best at what they do and I really appreciate all they do for Wellborn High. The entire staff at Walter Wellborn High School is amazing and do what they can for the students."
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