Preschool - 5th Grade
Teléfono: 941-349-3223
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Tipo: Private
Atmósfera educativa: Average
Medida tecnología: Not Reported
Principal: Ms Tanna Horner
Alumnos por maestro/profesor: 10:1
Alumnos por grado/año: 42.9
Número de alumnos: 300
Número de maestros/profesores: 59
Gasto de enseñanza por alumno: N/A
Grado de pobreza: NOT REPORTED

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Topic: Overall Experience
Junio 2018
"The Out-of-Door Academy is an amazing place to go to school because the students and teachers are always there to help and befriend you. As a new student going into my junior year of high school, I thought it was going to be difficult to make friends and fit into the environment, but ODA made it so easy. Through cheer and my classes, I found friends that shared the same interests as me and that I could get along with very easily. Another great thing about this school is that the college counseling is incredible. They make sure that all of the students are completely prepared and finish their applications on time. On top of that, many schools come and visit ODA so we have ample time to ask questions and get to know the reps of all the schools we're interested in. Last but certainly not least, the teachers are always willing to help a student that's struggling on an assignment and are very educated in the subject they teach which makes learning enjoyable and smooth."
Topic: Overall Experience
Febrero 2018
"ODA is an amazing school. We started this year with 2 of our children in the lower school, grades 4 and 2. We commute from Lakewood Ranch and its totally worth the distance to get to Siesta Key. Their bus from the upper school makes it really easy on days we can t get down to the school. The teachers all of them .are outstanding. They have our children reading books daily and really loving it. They have a good after school program that expose the kids to different intramural sports along with other educational activities. The school has a weekly assembly that fosters public speaking for the children in front of their peers. They really stress core values of respect, responsibility, integrity, service, and excellence at their assembly. The children understand the importance of this, and as a result, they all get along really well with each other. The school is run by a really good administration, who are smart, competent, and caring."
Topic: Overall Experience
Septiembre 2017
"This high school prepared me very well for the academic rigor of university, however its general lack of diversity made it difficult for me to assimilate myself into a multicultural university."
Topic: Overall Experience
Abril 2017
"I had an amazing experience at ODA. The teachers care a ton about each and every student and their success, allowing for students to make the most of their education."
Topic: Overall Experience
Marzo 2017
"My children been at Out-of-Door since they were in PreKindergarten. Coming from the northeast, where there are some incredible schools, Out-of-Door was the only option for our family. We could not have been happier. Not only have they had a remarkable educational experience, we found a wonderful community of families and educators. With my oldest applying to colleges, I cannot believe the doors that have been opened for him. He is applying to some very competitive liberal arts schools in the northeast, and not only does he have a strong profile, but he is doing it all himself. Out-of-Door taught him to be a self-advocate. Likewise, his classmates are also heading to some great schools all around the country. This is the best gift I could ever give my children!"
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