Preschool - 8th Grade
Distrito: Diocese Of St. Petersburg
TAMPA, FL 33629
Teléfono: 813-876-8770
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Tipo: Catholic
Atmósfera educativa: Above Average
Medida tecnología: High
Principal: Mr Nicholas Tanis
Alumnos por maestro/profesor: 13:1
Alumnos por grado/año: 54.7
Número de alumnos: 547
Número de maestros/profesores: 32
Gasto de enseñanza por alumno: N/A
Grado de pobreza: 16 - 29.9 PERCENT

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Topic: Overall Experience
Noviembre 2017
"Our family is proud to be a CKS family! As a mom, I've been so grateful that when I take my children to school every day, we all feel like we're going to our "other family" and have always been welcomed by students, parents, and teachers at CKS. Not only are they challenged academically, but they are growing in their Catholic faith and have really adopted a heart for service. We are so encouraged that our children realize they are part of a bigger community and bigger world and need to be concerned for others around them and not just themselves. We know we made the right choice for our children's education because they love going to school every day. We're confident that our children will leave CKS with a strong foundation of academics, faith, service and community."
Topic: Overall Experience
Marzo 2017
"I do not have any experience at the middle school level, but it is puzzling why bullying, classroom drama, and classroom control seem so much worse at CKS than the other elementary schools the kids have attended in Tampa. It seems like they put the kids together at CKS and then hope for the best. The morning pep talk sounds good, but the administration just does not seem to have the control over the students, staff and faculty that we have seen at the other schools the kids have attended in Tampa . It just does not seem like the little issues are effectively dealt with so they can devolve into major issues. Ask the administration, teachers, and most importantly the other parents in the school the tough questions before deciding whether or not to enroll your child at CKS. While I think it is possible your child may have a decent experience at the school, it is imperative that you do your homework first."
Topic: Overall Experience
Junio 2016
"The overall atmosphere of Christ The King is one of dedication to academic excellence and a quality education. Teachers and Administration work diligently to inform students of their best potential and facilitate an environment that's enthusiastic about learning as well as strengthening their faith. Never before have I ever encountered a school so focused on pushing students to the best of their abilities both inside and outside the classroom. Parent sponsored events such as the Dads Club hotdog lunch and once a month Dads Club doughnuts remain as some of my favorite memories from the school. However, my experience at Christ The King was not always picture-perfect. Social experiences and interactions especially during middle school play an immensely significant role in shaping a student's self image and image of others. While I loved all of my teachers and staff, some conflicts occurred between the students and myself. I personally believe this conflict stemmed from enrolling in the school in 3rd grade versus having attended school at CKS since the beginning. This situation made it much harder to establish friendships since many close and inter-connected friend groups and connections had already been formed. A slight feeling of social segregation seemed to transpired, making it difficult for the whole grade as a whole to feel truly connected. However, the teachers and administration always ensured that students were being polite and encouraged an environment of acceptance and cooperation, which helped immensely. For this social reason, I would perhaps refrain from attending CKS again, given I had the same classmates during the years I attended school there."
Topic: Teachers
Junio 2016
"Christ The King has consistently demonstrated complete dedication to providing students with an enriching environment that facilitates academic excellence. With the use of smart boards and other forms of innovative educational technology, teachers provide students with in depth lessons that increase the sense of connection between teachers and students. With mid-quarter reports, teachers establish a strong connection to parents in the best interest of the child-student. Since the school system is shaped so that teachers and students will interact with each other for all 3 years of middle school, a strong sense of personal connection and interest in the student's well being emerges among all the classrooms. The influence of the connections between students and teachers can be seen in how graduated students consistently come back to visit the school and talk with old teachers. Leaving this school left me with superior oral skills compared to some of my freshman peers in highschool since many teachers incorporate high level oral presentations into their lessons."
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