Preschool - 12th Grade
Teléfono: 910-791-0287
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Tipo: Private
Atmósfera educativa: Average
Medida tecnología: Low
Principal: Ms Carla Whitwell
Alumnos por maestro/profesor: 9:1
Alumnos por grado/año: 45
Número de alumnos: 630
Número de maestros/profesores: 67
Gasto de enseñanza por alumno: N/A
Grado de pobreza: 16 - 29.9 PERCENT

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Topic: Overall Experience
Junio 2018
"The school itself is great. The teachers are amazing and they really care about our overall success. The small community at Cape Fear really affects how everyone interacts. Depending on the people in your class, you either know everything about everyone or you don't know much about them except for their name. In most cases you are able to get to know the people around you by going on the class trips and being in some of the same classes. The only thing that I would say is missing is the diversity and how there isn't much in place to embrace and celebrate our difference."
Topic: Overall Experience
Febrero 2018
"I am currently enrolled in high school here, and I can say that it is a very good school. The high school has numerous options for anything one would choose, from psych to 3D art. I haven't experienced bullying, though there is a fair amount of talking about people behind their backs. There isn't very much diversity, and in particular the LGBT students (there are quite a few, myself included) aren't treated particularly nicely. However, there are lots of teachers who I believe genuinely care about the students. There is a ton of focus on college prep beginning around the 8th grade. We have phenomenal SAT scores and as far as I know all graduates have been accepted into college. There isn't all that much of the typical clique mindset in my grade, and there is a good level of maturity. Overall, this is a very good school and the best one I've been to in a long time, though it would be cool if they didn't use dinosaur chicken nuggets for the "sweet and sour chicken"."
Topic: Overall Experience
Diciembre 2017
"CFA was hands down the best school I ever went to. It is a very professional setting, filled with teachers who care and challenge their students. Although it is small, the school has many clubs and opportunities for students to develop leadership skills and passions."
Topic: Overall Experience
Mayo 2017
"As one of the few black students to attend Cape Fear Academy. I feel I have a bit of a different perspective. The school although very academically sound lacks a lot of diversity and has a long way to go although steps are being taken to solve this issue . Student social life is very limited and Cliquey. When attending this school you will love and hate it as an African American student. You will hate the fact that you are the minority however you will love the opportunities, knowledge and flexibility that this school offers. All in all Cape Fear Academy is a fantastic school with fantastic opportunities regardless of some improvements needed."
Topic: Overall Experience
Agosto 2016
"As a minority politically, racially, economically, and identity-wise, it was tough for me to feel like I actually did belong. Of course, I had a sizable amount of friends who were in the same boat as I was, and the drama department became a safe space. Administration was out to get me my senior year after I pierced my septum and wore a small horseshoe ring, but overall I think it's an alright collection of people, and the education is far better than public schools in the area."
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