9th Grade - 12th Grade
Distrito: East Longmeadow Public School District
4 estrellas
Teléfono: 413-525-5460
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Tipo: Public
Atmósfera educativa: Average
Medida tecnología: Not Reported
Principal: Ms Gina Flanagan
Alumnos por maestro/profesor: 14:1
Alumnos por grado/año: 221.8
Número de alumnos: 887
Número de maestros/profesores: 85
Gasto de enseñanza por alumno: 7400
Grado de pobreza: 16 - 29.9 PERCENT

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Topic: Overall Experience
Mayo 2017
"ELHS is full of great teachers and opportunities, but only if you search for them. What the school lacks in looks, it makes up for with some amazing music and fine arts programs. Although there are many great classes, counselors are not always helpful and students are left taking useless classes, not understanding the college process, or just being out-right confused about what's going on around the school."
Topic: Overall Experience
Abril 2017
"I enjoyed my experience at East Longmeadow High School. The teachers are kind, the evironment is welcoming, and the education is challenging. There is nothing I would change."
Topic: Overall Experience
Febrero 2017
"I thought many of teachers really cared about the students and wanted them to do well in school. Administration has recently changed, and not for the better. The new Vice Principal makes students dread coming to school because he always finds something wrong with what you are doing. They also recently changed the schedule layout which has caused a lot of scheduling issues and conflicts."
Topic: Overall Experience
Noviembre 2016
"It was a typical high school experience, tough classes, tough teachers but made great friends and loved getting involve with the schools talent show."
Topic: Overall Experience
Agosto 2016
"I can say that attending this high school changed me. The fourteen-year-old me walked into the high school with timid steps and looking only at the off-white colored tiles of the floor. I was terribly quiet and hated having to speak in class. The only time where I was not afraid to be myself was during band practice. Although the tiny whistlings of my flute were scarce heard above the roaring brass section and the pounding percussions, it felt amazing to contribute to the amazing sound that filled the empty halls of the school. But, the band director and the other faculty who supported my love for music helped me come out of my shell. Not only did he instill in every one of his students that every note of every instrument was important to create masterpieces, but they are all uniquely different enough to stand out, and all deserve to be played with pride. With his support, I ended my senior year not the timid flute player in the second row, but as the drum major who single-handedly conducted the marching band and parts of the orchestra. I would never have expected to turn out the way I did, but I owe it all to the faculty who helped support me and teach me that I am important and should be heard."
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